No Feet On The Railing

Fall, 2013. This story, about the day my father’s estate was finally settled, was published by the Oklahoma Review.

” We entered the courtroom through the heavy double doors and, purposeful as High Holiday Jews, moved en masse toward a row of empty seats.

No feet on the railing, the small sign commanded. The sign failed to advise me where exactly my feet ought to go, but I did get the message that it would be frowned upon to shift my feet up to the railing. They would be unsettling, conspicuous. Could I tuck them under me on the seat of the chair or did they have to be properly placed on the scuffed hardwood beneath me? I looked around and pretty much everybody was seated with feet placed on the floor. The sign must be working, I thought. Otherwise we would all have our feet on the barrier that separated us from the judge.”

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